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Condominium Identification and Association

A condominium refers to a kind of real estate that is legally owned by two or more individuals. By and large, a condo property is composed of a huge complex of townhouses or apartment-like residential units. Each of the said units belongs to a different owner. Therefore, in such a case, a condo owner owns all of the things within his unit, such as the walls. In spite of that, the different owners usually share equal rights to the other facilities of the property, including hallways, elevators, stairs, lounges, pool houses and the like.

One of the benefits of a condominium is that the separate owners do not need to deal with exterior repairs and maintenance. For instance, there is usually a management group responsible for ensuring that the grounds of the condominium are consistently in good condition. In the event that there is grass to cut and/or snow to shovel, this group usually takes care of it.

Anything that needs to be repaired inside a condo unit, like an overflowing water closet or a malfunctioning washing machine, is often the responsibility of the owner of such specific unit. For example, if the sink in his kitchen has problems, he must repair it on his own or pay an expert to do it for him.