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Condos in Ajax

Ajax is a town located in the Durham Region of the Greater Toronto Area. The town is named after a Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Ajax, which served in the Second World War. It is more or less twenty- five kilometers (sixteen miles) east of Toronto on Lake Ontario’s shores and is bordered to the east by the Town of Whitby, and to the north and west, by Pickering City.

Like most suburban areas of the Greater Toronto Area, the town has considerably grown since the 1980s. Recently, there is a rapid low density growth of population in Ajax, which calls for adequate number of residential properties to cater to the basic needs of its residents.

Condos in Ajax

Condominiums continue to gain popularity all over the Greater Toronto Area, specifically in the Ajax area. Condos in Ajax provide first- time buyers an opportunity to find an affordable entrance into their real estate market. Nevertheless, not each and every Ajax condo is an entry- level unit. You can find more and more Ajax condos that offer luxury at its finest and are appealing to more people, specifically empty nesters. Are you searching for your dream condo in this town?

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